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  • Malaysia minister denies news report's claim over rail project
    Malaysian independent website Malaysiakini, owned by Mkinin Dotcom,, Source: Malaysiakini website, Petaling Jaya, in English 0000 GMT 27 Jul 16
  • Pakistan names new chief of Sindh province
    Karachi-based moderate, privately-owned Express Tribune newspaper website, Source: Express Tribune website in English 0000 GMT 27 Jul 16
  • Programme summary of South Sudan Radio FM news 1600 gmt 26 Jul 16
    state-owned South Sudan Radio, Source: South Sudan Radio FM, Juba, in English 1600 GMT 26 Jul 16
  • Afghan paper hopes government to meet light movement's demand
    Afghan newspaper Daily Afghanistan, part of the Afghanistan newspaper group,, Source: Daily Afghanistan, Kabul, in Dari and Pashto 25 Jul 16
  • Bangladesh PM urges lawmakers to form team to fight terror
    Bangladeshi privately-owned, English-language newspaper The Daily Star, Source: The Daily Star website in English 1445 GMT 26 Jul 16

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