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  • Turkmen-Tajik working group meeting discusses constructing railway line
    Turkmen government website, Source: Turkmen government website, Ashgabat, in Russian 0001 GMT 19 Apr 14
  • Libyan premiership candidates present programs to Congress
    Libyan official news agency WAL (also known as LANA), Source: WAL (also known as LANA) news agency, Tripoli, in Arabic 1347 GMT 20 Apr 14
  • Programme summary of South Sudan TV news 1700 gmt 19 Apr 14
    state-owned South Sudan TV, Source: South Sudan TV, Juba, in English 1700 GMT 19 Apr 14
  • UN mission troops arrest CAR anti-Balaka militia coordinator - website
    Chadian privately-owned, pro-government website Alwihda, Source: Alwihda website in French 19 Apr 14
  • Programme summary of Iranian Bushehr Province TV news 1615 gmt 20 Apr 14
    Iranian state-run provincial TV from Bushehr, Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Bushehr Provincial TV, Bushehr, in Persian 1615 GMT 20 Apr 14

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