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  • Iraqi Speaker arrives in Kuwait
    Kuwaiti government-owned news agency Kuna website, Source: Kuna news agency website in English 0950 GMT 29 Jun 16
  • Taliban claim missiles fired at US military base in Afghan north
    Afghan Taliban Voice of Jihad website, Source: Voice of Jihad website in Pashto 29 Jun 16
  • Independent Russian TV Dozhd appoints new editor
    Russian small independent TV channel Dozhd, Source: Dozhd TV, Moscow, in Russian 0933 GMT 29 Jun 16
  • Azerbaijan condemns Istanbul attack, tightens security
    private Azerbaijani news agency APA, Source:Sources: APA, Baku, in Azeri 0555 and 0600 GMT 29 Jun 16; minval.az, Baku, in Russian 0615 GMT 29 Jun 16
  • Lebanese government urges respect of "legitimate armed forces" after blasts
    Lebanese news website Naharnet, Source: Naharnet in English 0920 GMT 29 Jun 16

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