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  • Programme summary of Azeri TV military programme 0800 gmt 16 Oct 16
    Azerbaijani state television AzTV, Source: AzTV Baku in Azeri 0800GMT 16 Oct 16
  • Prosecutor general confirms illegal activities at Tehran Municipality
    state-run Iranian TV channel two, Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 2, Tehran, in Persian 1900 GMT 27 Oct 16
  • Ecuador-EU free trade agreement approved by EU committee
    Ecuadorian daily newspaper El Comercio, Source: El Comercio, Quito, in Spanish 0500 GMT 27 Oct 16
  • Colombia participated in NATO military allies conference
    Website of privately-owned, centre-right Colombian newspaper El Espectador, Source: El Espectador website, Bogota, in Spanish 1614 GMT 27 Oct 16
  • Iran daily: Reformist figure backs cabinet reshuffle
    website of leading moderate reformist Iranian daily E'temad, Source: E'temad website in Persian 0001 GMT 22 Oct 16

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