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  • Russian TV sees British foreign secretary as less critical of Russia
    Russian official state television channel Rossiya 1, Source: Rossiya 1 TV, Moscow, in Russian 1700 GMT 24 Sep 16
  • Programme summary of Iranian TV news 1730 gmt 24 Sep 16
    state-run Iranian TV channel one, Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 1730 GMT 24 Sep 16
  • Programme summary of Georgian Rustavi-2 TV "Kurieri" news 1700 gmt 24 Sep 16
    private Georgian TV station Rustavi-2, Source: Rustavi-2 TV, Tbilisi, in Georgian 1700GMT 24 Sep 16
  • Programme summary of Moldova One TV "Mesager" news 23 Sep 16
    Moldovan TV,, Source: Moldova One TV, Chisinau, in Romanian 1600GMT 23 Sep 16
  • Iran critics say Rouhani government "incompetent"
    website of leading moderate reformist Iranian daily E'temad, Source: Etemad website in Persian 19 Sep 16

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