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  • Saudi king granted UAE Order of Zayed
    UAE news agency WAM website, Source: WAM news agency website in English 2015 GMT 3 Dec 16
  • Iran press mull US Congress' vote on sanctions, OPEC
    BBC Monitoring Iranian morning media headlines, Source: as listed in Persian 04 Dec 16
  • President Kiir, SAfrica's deputy president review developments in South Sudan
    state-owned South Sudan Radio, Source: South Sudan Radio in English 1600 GMT 2 Dec 16
  • Four armed rebels killed, four injured in airstrike in Afghan east
    private Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency, Source: Afghan Islamic Press news agency, Peshawar, in Pashto 0600GMT 04 Dec 16
  • Chinese army base in Djibouti not part of military expansion
    state-owned Djibouti news agency ADI website, Source: ADI news agency website in French 30 Nov 16

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