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  • Turkish commentary reminds leaders of Islam's command to follow path of modesty
    website of Turkish pro-secular, mass-circulation daily Hurriyet, Source: Hurriyet website, Istanbul, in English 29 May 15
  • TV talk show discusses ethnic Russians' exposure to hostile rhetoric
    Russian Centre TV, owned by the Moscow city government, Source: Centre TV, Moscow, in Russian 1310 GMT 27 May 15
  • Programme summary of Iranian Kerman Province TV news 1215 gmt 26 May 15
    Iranian state-run provincial TV from Kerman, Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Kerman Provincial TV, Kerman, in Persian 1215GMT 26 May 15
  • Putin's ban on military casualties coverage aims to silence journalists - CPJ
    website of New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Source: Committee to Protect Journalists website, New York, in English 28 May 15
  • Two explosions hit Baghdad, leave dozens dead
    Baghdad-based Iraqi Kurdish Shafaq News website, Source: Shafaq News website, Baghdad, in Arabic 0000GMT 29 May 15

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