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  • India minster targets opposition over "controversial" Italian chopper deal
    Press Trust of India news agency, Source: PTI news agency, New Delhi, in English 1702GMT 04 May 16
  • Italian commentary hails EU Commission's stance on trade deal with USA
    Italian leading privately-owned centre-right newspaper Corriere della Sera,, Source: Corriere della Sera, Milan, in Italian 5 May 16 p 49
  • Turkish media abuzz with premier's expected resignation, praise visa-free travel
    Media observation by BBC Monitoring, Source: Media observation by BBC Monitoring in Turkish 5 May 16
  • Sweden appoints special ambassador to counteract human trafficking
    public Swedish Radio's SR International website, Source: SR International website, Stockholm, in English 0000 GMT 4 May 16
  • French foreign minister stresses need for Europeans to focus on Africa
    Radio France Internationale website, Source: Radio France Internationale website, Paris, in French 0000 GMT 4 May 16

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