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  • Russian TV news: Ukraine, Europe's migrant crisis
    Main themes on Russian primetime TV news on Channel One, Rossiya 1 and NTV o, Source:Sources: as listed in Russian 4 Aug 15
  • Algerians living in France note challenges, opportunities in oil price slump
    privately-owned Algerian regional newspaper Le Quotidien d'Oran website, Source: Le Quotidien d'Oran website, Oran, in French 4 Aug 15
  • Mauritanian authorities release militant group leader
    Mauritanian Sahara Media news agency website, Source: Sahara Media news agency website, Nouakchott, in Arabic 0852 GMT 4 Aug 15
  • Normalization in Algeria's Ghardaia but no solution in sight
    privately-owned Algerian newspaper El-Khabar website, Source: El-Khabar website, Algiers, in Arabic 1 Aug 15
  • Algerian-Tunisian relations marred after strategic accord with US - paper
    privately-owned Algerian newspaper Echourouk El Youmi website, Source: Echourouk El Youmi website, Algiers, in Arabic 1 Aug 15

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